National Allotment Society Case Study

The National Allotment Society (NSALG) is the leading national organisation upholding the interests and rights of the allotment community across the UK.

In 2015, The National Allotment Society decided to launch a private ecommerce portal for its members in partnership with Kings Seeds. The National Allotment Society has preferable rates for purchase and delivery with Kings Seeds so they were keen to pass the benefits to their members. Dealing with an older demographic who are fanatical about horticulture, a simple user experience, being able to place orders from mobile devices and easy order process is essential to the success of the platform.

Industry Memberships
Geography UK
Members ***
Solution B2C integrated e-Commerce
Modules Kentico CMS, Red Transact TranSync Integration, Red Transact B2C Extensions
Business System Access Dimensions

Services Offered

  1. Responsive design
  2. E-commerce
  3. Content management
  4. System integration


  1. Product filters
  2. Stock availability
  3. Propagation charts
  4. Member-based pricing
  5. Discount coupons
  6. Quick order
  7. Order history
  8. Member management & order consolidation for secretaries
  9. Place orders on behalf of members
  10. Complex delivery calculation based on type of address
  11. Weight category
  12. Postcode & regional shipping restrictions


With over 1,000 allotments nationwide, many have their own way of dealing with its constituent members. Some allotments handle procurement centrally, by pooling orders from all its members and performing less frequent but large orders. Others let their individual members gain the pricing and delivery benefits of their National Allotment Society membership, but the member can manage their own orders themselves.


Simple user experience, single sign-on and responsive front end allow older demographic to place, manage, consolidate and repeat complex ecommerce orders from any device.

Leverage existing core functionality of Kings Seeds B2C site including dynamic product filters based on stock availability and seed sowing and propagation data added to product. Member order consolidation option to leverage bulk purchase and delivery cost savings.

NAS and individual allotment secretaries can use standard and custom ecommerce features such as discounts, coupons, member-based pricing, quick order, order history and member management.

Complex shipping calculation based upon type of address, weight category, postcode and regional shipping restrictions.

Kentico website content management system integrated with SagePay payment process and Access Dimensions via Red Transact’s TranSync platform.


Ordering Automation

Life made easy for NSALG secretaries; from having to collect orders from members and call the orders through to allowing their members to place orders online and only having to press a button to consolidate member orders.


Now orders can be placed any time by secretaries and members and orders can be delivered to either the members address or the association’s address.

Order Processing Automation

Integration with Access Dimensions, has streamlined order processing for Kings Seeds, who supplies the plants and seeds to NSALG members. Everything from the catalogue, inventory to orders is managed within Access Dimensions and customers, products, stock, orders and reports are all uploaded and downloaded between the web and the business system.

User Experience

User experience for this project has been 3 folds. Secretaries with added responsibilities, different types of members who has always emailed, faxed or telephoned their orders to secretaries and Kings Seeds staff who has manually processed orders from NSALG members.

The new site boasts a user friendly navigation, responsive interface that works on all devices including mobiles and tablets, quick order pad facility, ability for the secretaries to place orders on behalf of their members and consolidate orders placed by their members.

The sales effort required to service NSALG members has reduced by 80% for Kings Seeds. They now have more time for after sales services.

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