Marketing automation

Marketing automation

With marketing automation you can turn prospects easily into customers and increase brand advocacy

By leveraging its personalization and A/B testing capabilities throughout the entire customer journey and across all channels to deliver targeted content, you increase conversion rates from your lead generation activities and deliver high-quality leads to your sales team.

Marketing automation

A/B Testing

  • A/B Testing
  • Built-in A/B and Multivariate (MVT) Testing modules allow you to use an iterative approach for delivering content to visitors by testing page variations and identifying and optimizing those that work.

Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing
  • You can immediately see how many people opened the email and clicked the link. You can see which content was most engaging and optimize your future mailings based on those results.

Lead Scoring

  • Lead Scoring
  • With the built-in Lead Scoring module, you can automatically qualify your leads and give only valuable leads to your sales team.


  • Personalisation
  • Personalisation allows you to deliver them the right content and initiate sales activities in a personalized way driving higher adoption and satisfaction.


  • Personas

  • The built-in Personas module enables you to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, boosting engagement and ROI.

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