Is Red Transact the Access integration partner for you?

We have worked in partnership and alone on many projects since 2001

We are one of the leading Access Software Integration partners in the UK with an in depth understanding of their systems and underlying structures and methodologies.

  • We offer a single integrated environment that:
    • reduces errors,
    • improves the agility of your business,
    • creates an environment that maximises your revenue,
    • improves efficiency,
    • delivers competitive advantage and
    • enhances the relationship you have with your customer.
  • We deliver a complete 360 degree business fit which not only links to your systems but also to those used by your customers.
  • We are focused on providing start-to-finish, strategy-driven web based integrated solutions.
  • Our solutions are designed to grow with your business reducing the need for costly replacements.
  • You are guaranteed to have a solution unique to your business, constantly supported by a dedicated technical support team in a fully managed hosted environment.

Here’s what our innovative e-commerce and e-business platforms can do for you:

  • Sell more at a lower customer acquisition cost
  • Mix trade and retail customers within a single site
  • Increase average sale and add lifetime value
  • Manage and handle transactions for less than traditional ordering systems
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Improve customer loyalty for customers who initially buy offline
  • Improve your customer service with e-commerce tightly integrated with logistics, accounts and CRM
  • Transform sales efficiency
  • Cut the expense of supporting and servicing already-acquired customers
  • Flexibility to expand by adding multi-sites, multi-languages, multi-currency, unlimited categories and products

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